Welcome to the blog of the writers of Indivisible Cortland County. Read the latest personal essays, stories, op-eds, commentary, analysis, poetry, and even occasional humorous pieces of local writers working toward the mission of ICC. This is where writers dream of a better world, work toward making it happen, and resist actions that damage our democracy. Come here to find solace or hope, encouragement or initiative, examples or questions we can answer together.

Current contributors include:

Lynn Olcott: Lynn Olcott is a retired teacher and free-lance writer. She lives in Cortland.

Nancy Dafoe: Nancy Avery Dafoe is a writer and educator who taught at the high school and community college levels before retiring from full-time teaching to write. Her published books in education include the recently released The Misdirection of Education Policy through Rowman & Littlefield. Her memoir An Iceberg in Paradise: A Passage through Alzheimer’s was published by SUNY Press in 2015. Her poetry chapbook Poets Diving in the Night was just released by Finishing Line Press. Her stories and poems appear in numerous publications.

Priscilla Berggren-Thomas: Priscilla is also known as the Feral Librarian, a librarian by day, a fantasy writer and very opinionated nasty woman by night, and a staff-wielding shepherdess in another life.

If you are interested in being a writer for ICC, email ICC at indivisiblecortlandcounty@gmail.com

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