There are so many egregious actions documented in news’ stories overlapping each other at the moment. Children pulled from their mothers at the border, children in cages, orders not to touch or comfort children, ICE on the march like storm troopers, Supreme Court compromised and doing Trump/GOP bidding, Justice Kennedy’s sudden retirement designed to hand over another Trump pick to the GOP-renamed Supreme Court, that same Court delivering blow after blow after blow to Americans, cutting down labor unions in deciding Janus case, abortion rights further restrictions, and then there are the Tropical Rain Forests suffering devasting tree losses—39 million acres in a year (there goes our oxygen); European Union warns of Trump, and on and on. It is easy to understand how a little thing like Trump’s next “summit” with Putin could get lost in this news cycle.

Yet, there it is. In plain sight. He is no longer trying to hide it. In fact, Trump is gloating, glistening really. Putin and Trump. Trump and Putin like lovebirds. Another meeting with Putin on the agenda. If these two met any more frequently, someone would have to suspect their lovers and wives should be jealous, but then again, those wives and lovers would have a lot of others to be jealous of, as well.

Just what does Trump have to work out with the murderous dictator of Russia, anyway? Whether it is American journalists and media outlets who/that have been played or are coerced into cooperating with powerful figures in this open deception, or the American people who are too wrapped up in entertainment diversions and daily struggles to pay better attention to direct and seemingly treasonous line of actions, we should at least take note of the days in history when everything changed for America.


Nancy Avery Dafoe

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