Years ago, I wrote a YA fantasy novel which featured a fierce young shepherdess, named Saga, who was fighting against a powerful misogynistic regime. The novel never saw the light of day, probably because that girl was everything I’ve always dreamed of being; smart, powerful, fierce. She was the kind of character who starts out good and just gets better, which doesn’t always lead to an exciting read. But there was one scene that even now I thrill at thinking I wrote. In it Saga ranted about everyone treating her like she’s nothing. An older woman responds, “If you’re nothing, why are they so afraidRead More →

Discussing the latest round of news headline assaults on the American psyche while riding in a car, my son and I attempted to come up with something positive about the beginning of this most divisive, Trump era of political and national life. “He’s an endless supply of fodder for comedians,” my son said. “He causes artists the kind of existential angst that leads to producing new art,” I added. We drove on in silence, unable to come up with anything else that might be considered a positive outcome. A few days later, I participated in one of the multitude of Women’s Marches around the country,Read More →

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