Teacher to Her Students: “You, too, Can Grow Up to be President” Always seeking to motivate her students to aim high, a teacher responded to her student’s question, “Could I be President?” “You, too, can grow up to be President of the United States of America, the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth, the beacon of hope for oppressed peoples everywhere if you work extremely hard, listen to others, study law and policy, learn world history, offer years of your life to public service, articulate your ideas clearly and well, advance the sciences and humanities, advocate, through your service and words, for theRead More →

In Spring 1969 I stared up at the Berlin Wall.  Its menacing, hulking concrete mass snaking through and around the city of Berlin, dividing a city and a country into free and not-free. We were young college students from upstate NY staring up at soldiers perched above us in the guard towers with their machine guns looking for prey.  The wall on our side was pockmarked with fading splotches of political graffiti – the other side most assuredly stained with the blood of people shot while attempting to leave East Berlin. That wall was not beautiful. I was in Berlin with my college choir toRead More →

On March 28th Shaun King wrote in the New York Daily News article, “Democrats and progressives and liberals must not simply oppose Trump, they must do what Republicans never did with Obama, they must present intelligent policy alternatives to every bad idea that they present.” He used the example of Bernie Sanders coming out after the withdrawal of Trumpcare with a proposal for Medicare for All. If we look at every program Trump and the Republicans want to dismantle, what do we want beyond just to stop them being torn apart? If we say “No” to the dismantling of the EPA, what do we proposeRead More →

  On November 10, 2016, Donald J. Trump tweeted: “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!” Trump and his surrogates have continued to respond to massive protests around the country by labeling everyone in disagreement with his policies as “professional, paid protesters.” Considering his words, I have decided to address this serious issue in the light it deserves. By now, I’ve gotten rich. First, there was the Women’s March on Saturday, January 21, 2017, the day after President Trump’s inauguration, for which I was paid a small fortune to go out, walkRead More →

There is much to digest from the budget which was released from the Trump White House this week. We thought it might be helpful to share some specifics on how this proposed budget could affect people in Cortland County, one bite at a time. For tonight, we’d like you to chew on this:  Trump’s budget completely eliminates the $32 billion earmarked for the Community Development Block Grant. Meals on Wheels is one program that would lose 100% of its federal funding due to this cut. Meals on Wheels is a program that provides food to home-bound individuals age 60 and over, and some younger individuals with disabilities and otherRead More →

Dear House Speaker Paul Ryan, I was visiting my almost 93 year old mother in the hospital last week and I wondered, why you hate her so much? Sure, she’s frail and confused, and looking at her now it’s easy to miss the dynamic woman she used to be. Her age and all the American history she’s lived through, though, should tell you something about the woman she was and still is.  It should tell you something about why you and all Americans should care for people like my mother. My mother was eighteen years old when World War II broke out. She accepted myRead More →

  Discovery of and detailed reporting on Trump business partnership with corrupt Mammadov family with direct ties to Iranian Revolutionary Guard (Baku hotel disaster “deal”).           Although Trump pulled out of the deal before taking office (under advisement), the $35 million project had been in the works since 2008.   Trump memorandum to kill the mandatory disclosure of how much chief executives are paid compared with other employees. [New York Times]   “Ajit Pai, a Republican whom Mr. Trump recently named as the F.C.C. chairman, has also made clear that he intends to push to roll back or abandon several other major rules, including theRead More →

CORTLAND, NY (March 1, 2017) Over 170 people participated Saturday in a town hall meeting in Cortland hosted by Indivisible Cortland County (ICC). Rep. Claudia Tenney (NY-22) was invited to the town hall but declined to attend. ICC representative Lisa Hoeschele contacted Tenney’s office earlier in February inviting Tenney (R) to Saturday’s town hall. Samantha LeMarca, Tenney’s scheduler, informed Hoeschele that the Congresswoman would be out of the country for the week. However, Tenney on Saturday was in Binghamton meeting with constituents in small groups by appointment only. LeMarca had indicated to Hoeschele that Tenney’s office would provide a few dates on which to scheduleRead More →

  The assertion that people protesting White House policies are paid agitators would be amusing if it were not ludicrous and insulting. Someone is paying us to cleanse and breathe life back into our own democracy? Who would that be exactly? And if we were being paid, would women then, in keeping with tradition, be underpaid? And will we all get tax forms next year indicating just how much we are being paid to carry out our responsibilities as citizens? And will we, like the guy the Electoral College tells us is the president, be able to hide financial records, including tax returns, from eachRead More →

  Before the election, I received a phone call requesting I take a survey. It only took a couple questions before I realized the caller was a conservative, possibly even a Tea Partier, looking for confirmation that I believed taxes were a burden from which I needed relief. I felt like I was being painted into a corner. The choices of responses already presumed agreement, offering no option for looking at the question a different way. In frustration I told the caller that their survey was designed to lead to a presupposed view or conclusion, that they weren’t really interested in my opinion, that IRead More →