Pavlov’s Right-Wing Dogs and the Conditioned Response to Smart, Strong Women in Politics Read a news headline about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the first-term Congresswomen from New York’s 14th District, and watch the right-wing bots and humans salivate their maliciousness like Pavlov’s dogs on hearing a bell. By way of background, the dogs used in Pavlov’s experiments were conditioned to respond to a bell in anticipation of a food reward, stimulating the flow of the dogs’ saliva. The young Congresswoman has already built herself a reputation for speaking her mind and standing up for her constituents regardless of political hierarchy. All of the qualities that Republican votingRead More →

When Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said to journalist Chuck Todd on live television, “Truth isn’t truth” as a statement intended to defend Trump’s bizarre and seemingly criminal and perhaps treasonous actions, he unwittingly gave an epitaph to the entire Trump campaign and administration.   Regardless of what one thinks about Giuliani (and he long ago ceased to be considered America’s mayor), Giuliani gave the appropriate name to all this administration stands for — which is the big lie, a page directly out of  Joseph Goebbels’ book of propaganda for Hitler. As Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Goebbels essentially provided the blueprint for man’s inhumanity to man: “IfRead More →