The following listing of authors and current non-fiction books are great sources of research and inspiration for anyone interested in reading, writing, or simply learning about the struggle for social justice in the United States of America. This list represents just a sampling of important new books on the subject. Please feel free to share our list with others and make suggestions to add to our catalogue of essential reads. Ratings are based upon the timeliness of the topics, the thoroughness of the research in the books, the writer’s skill in presentation and style, the persuasiveness of the arguments, and the magnitude of the bookRead More →

  A couple months ago, I attended on conference on Libraries and Social Justice. One of the keynote speakers talked on “Love and Forgiveness.” I’m probably the only person in the world who could find a talk on love and forgiveness irritating. It’s not that I’m for hate and revenge, but I’m not quite ready to start singing Kum-ba-yah yet either. There’s been a lot of talk since the election, and since Charlottesville about reaching out and listening to people, who for one reason or another, felt disenfranchised enough to vote for Trump. I heard a couple former white supremacists being interviewed after Charlottesville andRead More →

You’ve been called a “Libtard,” a “snowflake,” and any number of disgusting things on Facebook by a suspect source or sources. Worse yet, these bullies and bots bring in garbage about Hillary, the “baby killer,” depict President Obama in hate-filled cartoons or call him any number of unspeakable names, or simply continue to spread outright lies. People respond to this negative post and soon enough, your entire Facebook page or Twitter feed is filled with frustrated responses to a disgusting line from a name you don’t recognize. Let’s end this now. Bots and Trolls: Bots and Trolls are not the same things, but they areRead More →

Waking up, I resolve not to think, talk, or write about Trump for at least a day, maybe a week. His brew of likely criminal corruption, manipulation, lying, complicity, collusion with dictators, bullying, sexism, racism, xenophobia, and historical and scientific ignorance is too toxic to consume daily. It is now considered likely that he is a traitor, to boot. I want relief from this “Trump fever.” Yet, Trump is hard to avoid. His toxic brew is loud, brash, and grabbing the attention of everyone in media every hour of every day. Trump and his surrogates who roam the White House or our nation’s Capital areRead More →